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22 Nov 2014 | Guru Da Beat & Milad Shokri feat. Dan Wa & Jay Smith


Welcome to my corner,

Welcome to my corner,

Positive vibrations, good parties, driving rhythms, wonderful Gigs and a lot of fun accompanied me since my early days.

Well, as a Percussionist and DJ, I had the honor to visit many countries and to play at many festivals , small clubs , buisness events , private weddings or house parties . All over the world, I made the same experience : rhythm is the mother language of all men around the globe .

Well, I emigrated from Iran to Germany with my parents in the 80s.
Here I was lucky enough to learn a classical instrument at a young age, to play a lot of gigs with good and also bad bands and to go on stage with very talented entertainers, so that I ended up studying “Latin Jazz” in the Netherlands.
During this time I was seized with desire for electronic music, which led me to the best clubs where I started to accompany DJs with my percussions. This gave me the possibility to drum all the stress of studying away from me.
Those were the wild and good 90s, a magical time in club’s history, whose development I had the opportunity to experience during many gigs around the world and with many ups and downs as well as different music styles from back then until today: Starting off with Trance, afterwards Techno, later House, Techhouse and finally leading to Minimal some years ago.
However, my true love has always been House, especially deep and forward-going House, with a lot of power and good vibrations.
In my own productions (which I mostly release at ATTRACTIV) this affection can be heard clearly.
I’m looking forward to your opinion regarding my music and this new homepage and I’m really up for meeting you at one of my gigs or in the studio and to have a good time together.

Guru da Beat

März 27th, 2015

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